Guard Your Family Against
Major Unseen Stressor

A free online self-improvement course

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Updated  01-16-2015

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   WELCOME!  This ad-free, nonprofit educational Web site will alert you to an unseen stressor that may be harming you, your family, and your descendents - a lethal cycle of psychological wounds and unawareness (ignorance) that passes silently down the generations.

      The effects of this cycle are everywhere: abuse, neglect, anxiety, divorce, depression, homelessness, crime, addictions, cults, aimlessness, obesity, suicide, runaways, school dropouts, abortions, welfare, "mental illness," terrorism, and other common personal and social problems. 

      From 36 years' clinical research, this nonprofit, ad-free Web site provides a modular self-improvement course to alert you to the cycle, and proposes practical ways to break the cycle in your home and family. The young people in your life silently depend on you to protect them from inheriting it. Join the class! 

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