Guidebook - Who's Really  Running Your Life? (4th ed.)

Assess and reduce up to six crippling false-self (psychological) woundsFrom 19 years' clinical research, this unique book proposes that (a) every normal personality is composed of a set of talented subselves, like players in an orchestra; and that (b) most personal and social problems come from some sub-selves distrusting and disabling their natural leader, the true Self. The second third of this book offers proven ways to harmonize conflicted personality subselves (to "recover") using i nner-family therapy. The last third offers many re-sources.

      This clear, practical guidebook is for anyone motivated to (a) improve the quality and productivity of their lives and relationships, and (b) protect their descendents from the toxic impacts of the unseen [wounds + una-wareness] cycle.   //   contents  /  mail order