About Communication Mapping

      Identify communication problems by diagramming key action > reaction > reaction sequences between two or three people. Start with a neutral (vs. judg-mental) attitude, and decide who starts the sequence. Draw a circle, square, or diamond on paper for that person, and estimate and briefly note these things next to that symbol:

  • True Self in charge?

  • S/He needs  ______

  • S/He thinks  ______

  • S/He says or does _______

  • S/He feels ________

  • His or her R(espect) attitude is _____

  • His or her E(motion) level is (low / high)

  • Her or his awareness 'bubble' includes (who?)

Then draw an short arrow to a different symbol representing the next person in the sequence, and estimate the same things. Continue this (e.g. Jim starts > Pat reacts > Jim reacts > Pat reacts...) until you feel "done" or the sequence ends. Use your map to discern and discuss communication blocks, then use your Lesson-2 skills to resolve them together. You can map communications  between your personality subselves too!

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