What is "Metatalk," and Why Do It?

        Significant relationship problems suggest that people can't think and communicate effectively. self-improvement Lesson 2 here encourages adults to learn communication basics and develop seven skills to raise their effective-ness. One skill is metatalk - talking cooperatively about how you communicate. Instead of talking about "our disagreement over the checkbook," meta-talk focuses on "how we talk about our disagree-ment."

        This learnable skill builds on awareness of up to ~ 50 communica-tion and relationship variables, and (b) growing a vocabulary to describe and discuss them. Examples: R(espect), embedded, and double mes-sages; eye contact; facial expression, sequences; distractions, voice inflection, volume, and tone; flooding; awareness "bubbles;" assuming; defocusing; interrupt-ing; venting; demanding; and E(motion) levels.

        Restated: metatalk is objectively assessing and describing the commu-nication process between two or more people like a reporter or scientist. It aims to respectfully identify significant communication blocks, so people can use the other skills to resolve them and get more of their needs met in ways that please everyone well enough. Metatalk skill enables you to map communication sequences.     video / detail