Five Communication Messages

    In all verbal and nonverbal communications, adults and kids semi-consciously "decode" up to five incoming messages at once: what you're thinking + feeling + doing + needing, and whether you respect you and me equally now.

    The last one can be called a R(espect) message, and is of-ten the most impactful of the five - yet is the least recognized. How do you react when someone seems to scorn, discount, or ignore (disrespect) you?

     With your true Self is guiding your personality, use the skill of process awareness to monitor the R-messages you exchan-ge with kids and adults in important situations. Then use asser-tion, empathic listening, metatsalk, and win-win problem-solving skills to re/gain a sense of mutual respect. 

     Otherwise, one or both of you will probably not be able to hear the other clearly, and you won't get your needs met.  Les-son 2 in this nonprofit Web site is about learning to practice ef-fective-communication basics and skills.             detail