About Lesson 3: Practice "Good Grief"

        Healthy kids and adults unconsciously form bonds (attachments) to special people, things, ideas, rituals, experiences, and places. Periodically, people choose to, or have to, break significant bonds. Grieving is the natural reflex to mentally, emotionally, and spiritually accept ma-jor broken bonds losses), and what the losses mean, over time. If a "loser" lacks inner or outer permissions to grieve on any level, acceptance can be slowed or blocked. Until resolved, that promotes significant psychological and physical stress, which affects the griever and people around them.

     Many adults and kids come from low-nurturance childhoods, and bear psychological wounds and unawareness. These often promote incomplete grief, until adults assess for wounds and reduce them via Lesson 1. Incomplete grief promotes relationship and physical health problems. Lesson 3 helps adults (a) learn healthy-grieving basics, (b) draft and act on a healthy "Good grief" policy, (c) assess adults and kids for unfinished grief, and (d) complete any they find.  /  video