Do You Live in a "Pro-grief" Family?

     Grief is a natural mental-emotional-spiritual process which helps us accept inevitable broken bonds (losses) throughout life. Some people and families grieve more effectively than others. Premise - incomplete grief is a common family stressor which promotes physical illness, and reduces bonding, intimacy, and family nurturing. Adults can intentionally promote a "pro-grief" environment in their homes by...

●  assessing each adult and child for false-self wouns and helping each     other to reduce them as needed;

●  learning and discussing "good-grief" basics, including permissions to     grieve;

●  identifying and updating the anger and grieving policies (shoulds,     musts, have-to's, and ought-to's) in each family home

●  inventorying the key physical and invisible losses (broken bonds) that     each adult and child has experienced; and then...

●  checking each child and adult for signs of incomplete grief, and lear-    ning how to finish it.

     self-improvement Lesson 3 is devoted to helping adults create homes and re-lationships that encourage healthy grief. Does this describe your family?