Typical Manager Subselves

    Many people propose that human personalities are composed of semi-independent subselves or "parts." They seem to be of three or four types: Inner Kids, their devoted Guardians, and Managers. The latter cause your thoughts, feelings, body reactions, and behavior when all other subselves feel safe and satisfied enough. Premise: every normal adult and child evolves a unique mix of Manager subselves like these:

(true) Self / Leader / Coach / CEO

Achiever / Driver / Pusher / Do-er

Healer / Health Director

Spiritual One  /  (Soul?)

Wise One / Sage / Crone

Nurturer/s  - Good Mom or Dad

Adult ("Common sense")

Artist / Creative One

Survivor ("instincts")

Responsible One

Observer / Reporter

Analyzer / Thinker

Historian (memory keeper)

Planner / Organizer

Far-seer / Visioner

Peaceful Warrior

The true Self (capital "S") is innately talented to organize, motivate, and lead all other subselves in calm and stressful times if the subselves allow that. Recovery from childhood trauma commonly requires intentionally persuading other distrustful subselves to follow your Self and other Managers, and your Higher Power. See Lesson 1.