About Your Personality (Inner Family)

    Your personality is the evolving mosaic of beliefs, values, talents, limitations, memories, reflexes, priorities, fears, perceptions, and ha-bits that makes you unique among all living and dead humans. Clinical research suggests that your personality results from a dynamic group of subselves like the talented members of an orchestra or sports team. Each subself is semi-independent, has its own goals, gifts, and limits, and experiences the world uniquely.

        Each subself  (or "part") can ally with, ignore, dis/trust, respect, scorn, or conflict with every other subself. Your inner family of sub-selves can range between harmonious and purposeful to chaotic and unfocused, depending on who leads it locally and over time. Survivors of low-nurturance childhoods tend to have personalities ruled by exces-sively shamed, guilty, fearful, confused, and angry subselves and pro-tective Guardians - a "false self" - until the person decides to meet and harmonize their team under the expert guidance of their resident true Self. Lesson 1 here and the related guidebook provide a framework for doing this safely and effectively over time. Curious? Try interviewing one of your subselves...

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