About Lesson 6: Effective Parenting

    Think of all the parents you know pretty well, starting with your own. Rank their effectiveness at raising kids - low > average > high. What percentage do you rate as "high"? What criteria do you use?

    Premise from 30 years' clinical study: most biological and psy-chological parents are ineffective because of inherited toxic wounds and unawareness . Few average parents can (a) name the specific developmental and special needs of their kids, or (b) articulate an effective plan for filling those needs and their own.

    The result is a nation of Grown Wounded Children (GWCs) and major social problems like addictions, obesity, crime, homeless-ness, poverty, "mental illness," bigotry, abortions, and abuse.

    Lesson 6 builds on the five prior Lessons to propose a framework of ideas about effective parenting. Use it to define and discuss your own framework, and to rate the effectiveness of the child-caregivers in your life.

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