About Maintaining Personal and Family Balances

      A price we Americans pay for the many freedoms and choices available to us is over-stimulation and possible overwhelm ("stress"). Having "too much to do with too little time" easily becomes a depleting way of life - if we (our false selves) allow that.

      Our ceaseless quests for happiness, serenity, and contentment ("joy") depend partly on our choosing to live on purpose and con-sciously pace ourselves each day as life unfolds unpredictably. Re-stated - achieving and keeping these prizes depends on intentionally deciding to stay alert, and maintain our balances in three or more do-mains - (a) within us (inner-family balance), (b) in our primary relation-ships, (c) in our homes, and (d) in our families.  Do you agree?

      A barrier to balancing is that typical Americans accept overload as normal, and aren't motivated to s-l-o-w  d-o-w-n to notice their tumultu-ous inner-family dynamics and how frequent overload affects their long-term wholistic health. This is specially true of wounded (Type 'A') people who use activity addiction (e.g. workaholism) to distract from constant inner pain. 

     To maintain balanced are to work patiently at (a) Lesson 1 to em-power your true Self, (b) prizing and developing personal awareness, and (c) staying aware of your personal and family priorities as life unfolds.

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