About the Analyzer / Thinker Personality Subself

     One of your Manager personality subselves specializes in analyzing - ma-king sense and meaning of ("understanding" and "figuring out") sensory infor-mation about the inner and outer environments. Other subselves may form dif-fering opinions, but usually lack the Analyzer's skills at logic, evaluating, and synthesizing different concepts, memories, and facts ("reasoning").

     When the true Self guides the other subselves, s/he and the Organizer/ Planner use the Analyzer's conclusions to help make wise decisions. The Analyzer may seek input from other Managers in forming her or his opinions.

     If the Self (capital "S") is disabled by other distrustful subselves (a false self), they often ignore the Analyzer's conclusions and distort reality. Typical Guardian subselves contributing to these distortions are the Magician ("Prob-lem? What problem?"), Catastrophizer ("We're gonna die!"), the Cynic / Doubter, the Idealist, Inner Critic, People Pleaser, and others.

        If Inner Children control the personality, their perceptions are even more apt to be distorted and over-reactive. Some wounded people - specially typical males - have an overactive Analyzer who tries to protect fragile Inner Kids from painful feelings and awarenesses ("Alex is always in his head.")  The protective Numb-er may join in.

        Lesson 1 here aims to help balance and harmonize all subselves under the guidance of the resident true Self. When that happens, the Analyzer's skills and conclusions are a priceless asset in making wise decisions.