About the Blocker Personality Subself

        Guardian and Manager personality subselves focus on protecting them-selves, other subselves, and their host person. A common Guardian subself may be called the Blocker. It is dedicated to protecting you by not allowing  feelings, memories, and/or interaction between subselves that may upset Inner Kids. Symptoms that the Blocker has disabled your true Self are "my mind just went blank," "I can't remember ___," "I don't know what I think or need," and "I don't feel anything, right now." A related condition occurs when several subselves "talk" at once ("mind-chatter"), hindering clear awareness.

        Like all Guardians, the Blocker has a very narrow view and a short-range focus. This normal subself may be on duty much or all the time, or may acti-vate only in special situations like intimacy, conflict, therapy, and/or some "parts work." Often, the Blocker is dedicated to protecting one or more young subselves - specially a Shamed Child, Lost Child, Scared Child, and/or an Abandoned Child. Typical Blockers are distrustful and reticent. This can change as s/he learns that parts work is reliably safe and beneficial.

        The Blocker may team up with the Anesthetist (don't feel anything),  Analyzer (stay in your head), and/or the Magician (pretend you're feeling or thinking ___ ). By definition, an active Blocker does not trust the Manager subselves to provide enough safety. Patient "parts work" (Lesson 1) can help the Blocker learn to trust the Managers and choose a more helpful personal-ity role.