About the Cynic / Pessimist Personality Subself

    Would people who know you describe you as a cynic? Do you know an adult or child who seems unusually pessimistic? Premise - normal person-alities are made up of a group of semi-independent subselves, which explains traits like these. The devoted Guardian subself that causes significant cyni-cism is usually trying to protect one or more Inner Children from the agony of trusting someone or something, and then being betrayed or disappointed again.

    This subself may also guard the Shamed Child and Guilty Child against pain from personal "failures" (self doubt), and from expecting something ple-asurable that never happens. Some people evolve separate Cynic and Pes-simist subselves, and/or a Cynic / Pessimist. When any of these common Guardians are overactive, they and other subselves are part of a false self - they control the person because they don't yet trust the true Self (capital "S") and other Manager subselves to protect the Inner Kids effectively and keep the person safe and healthy. This can also be true of zealous Idealist / Opti-mist subselves in kids and adults.

     Self-motivated personal recovery (Lesson 1) corrects this over time by in-viting Guardians and young subselves to (a) become aware of each other's talents, roles and their common purposes, and (b) evolve trust in the Self and other Managers + a nurturing Higher Power + healthy people to keep the Inner Kids and host person safe and calm enough in all situations.