About the Distracter Personality Subself

     The Distracter is a label for a common Guardian personality subself which tries to protect vulnerable Inner Kids by causing the host person to avoid scary awarenesses, clear thinking, and men-tal focusing. Common symptoms of the well-meaning Distracter at work are mind racing or churning, having a "short attention span," feeling spacey, difficulty listening to others, drifting off, ex-cessive daydreaming and fantasizing, and chronic forgetfulness

     These traits can also come from having many subselves being active at once without common purpose or coordination. Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) may be a symptom of both of these conditions. Where this is true, medication may mute ADD symptoms, but will not reduce the false-self dominance that promotes them.

       An active Distracter distrusts the Manager personality subselves to keep one or more Inner Kids and the host person safe enough. psychological wound recovery (Lesson 1) can grow this trust and free the Distracter to choose a more productive role among the host person's team of  talented subselves.          More detail