About the Fantasizer / Dreamer Personality Subself

     Can you recall your last fantasy? Are dreams the same as fantasies? Both come from the amazing ability of our mind to imagine - to create things that don't exist. Fantasies affect our heart rate, breathing, hormone secretions, muscles, and other functions in ways we're usually unaware of.

     Our imaginings can be caused by a protective Fantasizer / Dreamer person-ality subself, which tries to distract Inner Kids from significant pain with engros-sing make-believe situations and experiences. The Fantasizer may create day and/or night dreams or they may come from a separate Dreamer subself.

     The Fantasizer can work with other Guardian subselves to cause different ef-fects. S/He can team up with a Worrier or Catastrophizer subself to produce scary imaginings, including nightmares. S/He can work with the Sexual/Sensual subself to create delicious erotic dreams and sensations. Fantasizer can ally with the Idealist/Optimist and/or Fanatic to keep people focused on a prized cause, future event, or outcome. The Creative One can "dream up" new ideas with this subself's help. The Fantasizer / Dreamer can ally with the dedicated Addict to cause seductive images that fuel the next binge-remorse cycle.

     Excessive fantasizing can interfere with wholistic health and social function-ing. When inner pain doesn't relent, the Fantasizer can promote uncontrollable thoughts and urges (obsessions) which range from annoying to harmful. Recov-ery from false-self wounds (Lesson 1) comforts agitated Inner Kids, so vigilant Guardian subselves like the Fantasizer can relax. As this happens, excessive and/or harmful fantasies recede.                                               More detail