About the Health Director /  Healer Personality Subself

    People range between indifferent to fanatic about their personal health. This variation is probably due to the (in)activity of a Manager personality subself who can be called the Health Director. In a harmonious (Self-led) person-ality, the Director works with all other subselves to promote a healthy diet; balanced work, play, exercise, meditation, and rest; and appropriate pre-ventive and curative wholistic professional care.

    When a false self rules the personality, the Health Director can be para-lyzed or ignored - resulting in chronic self-neglect. If subselves like the Catastrophizer, Worrier, Pessimist, and Scared Child trigger each other and overreact, they can cause obsessive hyper-concern with potential, imagin-ed, and actual health problems - "hypochondria."

    The Health Director can team up with the true Self, Practical Adult, Nur-turer, Spiritual One, and other subselves to guide and encourage people committed to recovering from false-self wounds and harmful compulsions like addictions. The Health Director can also team up with the Nurturer and Humanist subselves to give the host person significant interest in improving the health of other living things.

    On a scale of 1 (I'm indifferent to my health) to 10 (I'm extremely con-cerned with my health), how active is your Health Director recently?

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