About the Impatient One or Hyper Personality Subself

     Do you know someone who is unusually impatient and often frus-trated with themselves and/or other people in various situations?  They are probably dominated by a personality subself who (a) dis-trusts the expert leadership of the resident true Self (capital S), and (b) often teams up with the dedicated Perfectionist and Driver / Achiever subselves (becoming a "false self") to disable the Self, and dominate the host person without their awareness.

     Such well-meaning Guardian subselves are usually trying to pro-tect and/or distract from, one or more agitated inner children, like the Guilty, Shamed, or Scared Child. Because all these subselves are driven by needs and emotions, they rarely will respond to "reasoning" or "logic" (You need to calm down!"). Hyperactive adults and kids may be controlled by subselves like these, which may promote a "chemical imbalance" that responds to medication.

     In this nonprofit Web site, Lesson 1 offers a practical way to get reactive subselves to trust the guidance of the true Self, moderate their reactions, and perhaps shift to a new, valuable "job" (role) among the person's talented team of personality "parts."

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