About the "Lost (Orphan) Child" Personality Subself

        Have you ever felt confused, overwhelmed, alone, empty, and without purpose, direction, or identity? Did you ever feel that way as a child? Kids raised in families without consistent adult caring, gui-dance, and protection can feel lost, alone, anxious, and abandoned.

        Some adult survivors of such childhoods are dominated at times - or all the time - by a Lost / Orphan Inner Child who brings them these feelings. They live reactively from day to day with changeable or no goals, focusing on instant gratification and redu-cing current discomforts. Their wise true Self is often disabled by this needy child, and/or by Guardian personality subselves who tirelessly seek to comfort her or him. Such adults may become used to living as a helpless victim, pawn, or martyr - specially if they live with pow-erful Shamed, Guilty, Abandoned, and/or Scared inner children.

         Lesson-1 in this nonprofit, ad-free site offers a practical way for such wounded people to recover over time - i.e. to connect their needy Inner Kids with their dedicated Nurturer, free their wise true Self to harmonize and guide their other subselves and gain a clear serene sense of personal identity, rights, boundaries, and life purpose.