About the Scared-Child Personality Subself

     People who are "over-anxious" or unusually timid and nervous are usually dominated by personality subselves including a Scared Child. How often have you felt scared or terrified

     The Scared Child feels significant fear more intensely, more quickly, and more often than other subselves. Developmentally, s/he may range from a wordless infant to a pre-teen. S/He comes from the person experiencing child-hood trauma like abandonment or abuse too early, too often. S/He is naive, knowing little of the real world. People may have several Scared Children of different ages. When they activate and take over our true Self, we feel their fear, and think their thoughts.

     Adults raised in low-nurturance environments appear to automatically devel-op Guardian subselves who ceaselessly protect a group of young subselves (Inner Children). Typical Guardians dedicated to protecting one or more Scared Children (and others) include the Catastrophizer, Cynic / Doubter, Pessimist, Fantasizer, and Controller. When a child or adult is dominated by these sub-selves too often, s/he can be called fear based. They usually exhibit behav-iors like these. Excessive fear is one of six common false-self wounds that relentlessly inhibit life quality and healthy relationships.

      Lesson 1 offers a framework for idedntifying personality subselves and in-tentionally harmonizing them under the wise guidance of the resident true Self. Part of this reorganizing is finding viable ways to calm the Scared Child(ren) and Guardian subselves by increasing their trust in Managers' ability to avoid major pain - unlike early-childhood caregivers. An effective way of harmonizing subselves is called Inner-family therapy" or "(personality) parts work." 

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