About the Wise One / Sage / Crone Personality Subself

     People of all ages and cultures occasionally experience moments of knowing - having a clear sense and/or vision of some truth or reality that comes from "within." Have you had such "epiphanies"? Have you known anyone who might be called an "old soul" or "oracle" because of their  deep wisdom in various situations? Are you such a person?

     Premise - normal personalities are composed of a group of talented  subselves, like members of orchestras and sports teams. Some (all?) people have an unusually wise subself among their "inner team" - a Crone or Sage, who offers timely advice or deep insights ("a still, small voice") at critical times.

     This Wise One may work with the Spiritual One and other Manager subselves to guide the host person through complex or dangerous situa-tions. People ruled by a false self may often be too distracted to hear their Sage's or Crone's guidance. Lesson 1 here offers a practical way to meet and harmonize your subselves under the expert leadership of your true Self (capital "S"), your Wise One, and your Higher Power.   

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