About Resolving Impasses

     A common frustration for people, groups, or nations occurs when they see no acceptable way to resolve some significant internal or interper-sonal conflict.

     Such impasses signal one or more people are (a) ruled by a false self, (b) unaware of their current priorities and/or their primary needs, (c) don't have a genuine mutual-respect attitude  for others involved; (d) are over-focused on short-term gratifica-tion; (e) aren't aware of effective communication and problem-solving basics and skills; and perhaps (f) are ignorant of and/or denyingh some or all of these factors. Each factor can be inten-tionally avoided or reduced!

     Lesson 1 in this nonprofit Web site offers effective options for freeing a disabled true Self. Lesson 2 provides effective problem-solving basics and skills.                      More detail