About Personal and Couple Priorities

        In consulting with over 1,000 divorcingh, courting, and remarried adults, I've seen that many mates (1) aren't able to describe their and their partner's core life-priorities clearly, or (2) they can, and their pri-mary relationship doesn't rank in the top four places.

        This usually indicates unseen psychological wounds and related un-awareness + denials + ineffective communication + unfinished grief and/ or guilts from prior divorce and other losses. Many claim they're "too busy" with parenting, work, home maintenance, working out, socializ-ing, worship, and community activities to find much time for nourishing their primary relationship. If this is true nationally, no wonder over half of U.S. marriages eventually fail psychologically or legally. Mates' actions indicate their true priorities better than their words. See Lesson 1.

         Ideally, courting partners steadily rank their primary relationship second only to personal health, growth, safety, and integrity. Typical family dynamics guarantee they'll have to demonstrate their priorities because of major stressors along the way. Lesson 4 in this Web site focuses on nourishing your primary and other relationships.