Stepfamily-courtship Danger Signs

Millions of average U.S. stepfamily couples re/divorce or endure daily misery because they didn't know their risks and made unwise commit-ment choices. Common RED LIGHTS:

Partners and/or ex mates having many of these false-self traits

Excessive urgency to cohabit and/ or re/wed - dating less than 18-24 months.

A bioparent saying "My child/ren will always come first with me."

Recent or chronic major ex-mate hostility and conflict.

Assuming significant stepfamily-member dislikes or antagonisms will improve.

Many recent major life changes

A history of unsuccessful or no intimate adult relationships.

Prior romantic/sexual affairs.

Any co-parent having major debts.

Partners ignoring self-improvement Les-sons 1 thru 7 or equivalent

Past or current ex-mate court bat-tles and/or police involvements

Past or current adult or child ad-dictions.

Kids with major health, school, social, and/or parental problems

Co-parents keeping major secrets

Partners often avoiding conflicts and repressing emotions

Any co-parent denying their step- family identity and what it means.

A partner ignoring major doubts or ambivalence about re/marriage

The more of these signs courting couples have and ignore, the higher their odds of eventual psychological or legal re/divorce.  

 video  /  self-improvement Lesson 7