What New Step-people Must Merge

       For long-term harmony, new-stepfamily members must patiently help each other combine and stabilize three or more biofamilies'...

  • first and last names and nick-names

  • definitions of "family," and who belongs to ours

  • extended-family roles, rules, and "ranks"

  • financial assets, including insuran-ces

  • debts and legal contracts

  • personal inner wounds and "unfin-ished business"

  • family beliefs, customs, rituals, and traditions

  • personal, co-parental, and family ideals, goals and dreams

  • communication and problem-solving styles

  • individual and family experiences and expectations

  • dwellings and physical belongings

  • daily, weekend, and seasonal schedules and routines

  • privacies and limits (boundaries)

  • personal and family priorities, val-ues, morals, and standards

  • friends and socializing styles

  • family "scripts" - what and who our ancestors decreed we must/will be

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