Courtship Choice #1 - Commit to the Right People

        Recently, millions of  average U.S. stepfamily mates have re/divor-ced psychologically or legally. One reason is needy, unaware people re/ marrying an alluring partner with well-hidden psychological burdens and/or with troubled, unaware ex mate/s and existing children. One or more of these people have a mix of psychological wounds + blocked or incomplete grief from prior losses + ineffective communication skills + undeveloped relationship skills + unawareness and ignorance. Usually, courtship needi-ness, distortions, and "good behavior" mask or minimize these major problems - or courting adults don't want  to acknowledge these deficits and what they mean: high odds of eventual re/divorce.

        Wounded, needy adults dazed by new romantic love are at high risk of ignoring, minimizing, or denying these hazards and re/wedding "any-way." Few supporters or officiating clergy are aware of these problems or how to assess for them. Even if fiancÚs choose the right people (with few of these problems), wounds + ignorance may cause them to commit at the wrong time, for the wrong reasons.

        Lesson 7 offers courting partners a way to assess whether they're making three wise commitment choices for themselves and any depen-dents. The unique related guidebook is Stepfamily Courtship.