About Parental "Job Descriptions"

    Many people agree that "it takes a village to raise a child" be-cause of the scope of tasks required to do so effectively. Multi-person organizations function best when each member knows (a) what he organization is trying to do, and (b) their role in the organization - i.e. what they're responsible for. Many businesses try to achieve those by supervisors and employees devising writ-ten job descriptions for each co-worker to minimize confusion and disagreements and to help make  performance evaluations.

    Families are "multi-person organizations." Healthy family adults strive to maintain a high nurturance level by filling each member's needs well enough, often enough as they and the en-vironment change. Filling minor kids' dynamic spectrum of de-velopmental and special needs ("parenting") over two decades is complex and challenging. Dedicated adults may find it helpful to compose and use written "job descriptions" to clarify which adult is responsible for filling which needs of each dependent child. This can be specially helpful in divorcing and step families.

sample stepfather job description