Lesson 3 of 7 - learn how to grieve well


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By Peter Gerlach, MSW

Member NSRC Experts Council


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Updated 02-04-2015

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        This page lists all the articles and worksheets that comprise online Lesson 3 in the Break-the-Cycle! Web site. The Lesson exists because of widespread public and professional ignorance about healthy grief and the symptoms and  dangers of incomplete mourning.

      Lesson 3 provides a framework for learn...:

  • "Good grief" basics,

  • How to assess someone for incomplete grief.

  • How to complete unfinished grief;

  • How to support other grievers effectively, and...

  • How to grow a "pro-grief" family.

       These articles are best studied after making significant progress with online Lessons 1 and 2.  

        This brief YouTube video introduces Lesson 3:

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  Links to Lesson-3 Resources

3-1)  Quiz - what do you know about bonding, losses, and healthy grief?

3-2)  Q & A about "good grief" (2 pages)

3-3)  Lesson 3 Study guide

3-4)  Basics: what Is good (healthy) grief?  Seven requisites

3-5)  The three levels of healthy grief, and the phases of each level

3-6)  Gain inner and outer permissions to grieve well

3-7)  Symptoms of incomplete mourning

3-8)  How to forge a "pro-grief" family

3-9)  Worksheet: learn your values about losses and grieving

3-10)  Worksheet: a tangible-loss inventory

3-11)  Worksheet: an invisible-loss inventory

3-12)  A sample healthy family grieving policy

3-13)  Is it depression or normal grieving?

3-14)  Options for completing unfinished grief in yourself and others (2 pages)

3-15)  Selected research summaries related to grieving

3-16)  Perspective on supporting a griever (part of "grieving policies")

3-17)  This playlist shows all the YouTube videos related to Lesson 3. The videos augment the articles and worksheets above.

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